Have you ever worked in a place where everyone was on the same page? And it seemed that the culture was in line with everything you believed?

Business owners struggle with building teams and leading teams to success. Why is that?

One key reason is when a business starts to become successful, the leadership can tend to forget what got them there. Being clear about your purpose for being in business, having written values everyone agrees on, and a compelling mission statement that everyone can get behind are the starting points. 

You then need to serve your team if you are in a position to do so. Zig Ziglar states that if you help people get what they want, you will get what you want. It also helps to take input from team members on a regular basis and strongly consider their input. If you have a talented, well-selected team, then they will definitely see things that you do not see.

Staying in gratitude and being humble are also great things to consider when leading your team. The humble leader is the best leader. It is hard to serve others when you are standing atop a pedestal. 

The really hard work is talking to enough people to find the talent. We find it can take looking at up to 40 to 50 people to find one who is a perfect fit for your organization. People tend to almost always shortcut this step and then wonder why this person is not working out. A quick hire or a bad hire can be very costly in a lot of different ways. However, if you are willing to 

  • Put in the hard work of selecting the right people
  • Have a good system for equipping or training them
  • Work diligently to develop them and constantly offer opportunities for growth

Then you will have an environment that is almost magical and people will never want to leave. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in this type of culture, The Safe Harbor Team is currenty hiring. Contact us today!