Jordans Way..NO Shelter Left Hungry

This month’s charity, Jordans Way..NO Shelter Left Hungry, was nominated by two different individuals, making them an especially deserving cause.

This awesome charity has a goal to help as many animal shelters in need as possible. They are currently working with a top dog food company, who has promised to match their donations dollar for dollar with their own once Jordans Way reaches their goal of $500,000. 

Jordans Way..NO Shelter Left Hungry began when founder, Kris Rotonda, sadly lost his best friend, Jordan, after a battle with cancer. Kris adopted Jordan 11 years earlier at a local shelter, so when she died, Kris made a promise to help as many shelters as possible to honor her memory. 

Kris and his foundation has already delivered a year’s worth of food to an animal shelter in Arkansas and visited 100 shelters throughout Florida. Many of these shelters were almost out of food and had volunteers using their personal money to keep them fed. 

video courtesy of Jordans Way..NO Shelter Left Hungry

Kris knows that they set a high goal for 2019, but they also know with your help and donations that they will be able to reach it. They would also like your help in nominating your favorite local shelter, so that they are able to help all shelters in need of food. 

To donate, or for more information, please visit