Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $225K in Lorain, OH.

My first impression of Pete Formica was that he was a man of integrity-the law of “vibration” -in his smile, interview approach, listening skills, handshake and smile from his “eyes”. He exudes confidence, listens, suggests and yet is sensitive to the “seller” who at the time of meeting Peter-my house has been on the market-then on hold with a pending offer almost 16 months. I had interviewed > 7 other realtors from 5 different agencies. My decision was based on several criteria-that listed above, the intake role of Ryan Olson-who facilitated Peter’s initial visit at 5PM on a Friday after driving 50+ miles from Stow, OH (when he learned that his next appt. would be the following Monday with the at that time #1 choice. He then arranged for a stager to visit on Saturday afternoon, facilitated other contractors-Paint, flooring, support staff in office, photographer, etc. to create a transition to what became a first appt. on day 1 of listing who returned the next day and an offer on day 5 after one visit by the second visiting prospective buyer for my home! Highly recommend Peter Formica!
Madeline R. Zaworski MSN/MBA/RN-50+ years of experience with top notch professionals in all fields of public service -Peter is among the top!